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The Graces
Louis Janmot (1814-1892)

I tell you: you must have chaos within you to give birth to a
dancing star.
I tell you: you still have chaos within you....
                                                                 -Friedrich Nietzsche

May we continue to dance stars into being,
re-magick the earth, plant seeds, birth great trees in our midst,
and, like Aphrodite,
coming ashore out of the sea,
let flowers and grasses spring up under our dancing feet.


Warmly, with love,


Spring Equinox arrives Saturday afternoon, 20 March 1999 at 5:46pm (PST),
Saturday evening, 8:46pm (EST)
and Saturday/Sunday 21 March 1999 at 1:46am (GMT)

Links to Vernal Equinox sites:


From Utah's Hansen Planetarium comes this witty "Bah, humbug" essay on the spring equinox and the "mystery" of balancing eggs at the exact moment of the equinox.  You'll learn some fascinating information along the way.
This is the second chapter in a book entitled Secrets of the Sphinx by Andrew Raymond.  It looks at the Platonic Year, Dragon Star, the Age of Aquarius, and an amazing sweep of timespans relating to the vernal equinox.

[Courtesy of Sunbirds]
This is an essay on a Celtic view of the vernal equinox, "Song of the Otherworld is Heard In the Balance of Spring," by C. Austin from the always-excellent Celtic Connection.  One image especially struck me: "...the Goddess, wrapped in her verdant cloak of Spring."

links to May Day (Beltane):

I have created a special page for this May Day celebration:

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Created 18 March 1999.  Anonymous medieval music, Nota, added Holy Saturday, 3 April 1999, courtesy of the Internet Renaissance BandNote: removed music link 4/12/99 because, although it works in my own hard drive, I couldn't get it to play online; if I ever figure it out, I'll put it back in.  May 25, 1999: I figured it out!  May 31, 1999: added Verdant Goddess image from Sunbirds.  Latest update: 1 September 1999 [Beltane link & minor re-positionings].