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A map showing a portion of Latin America

NOTE: this entire section remains largely under construction, except where noted below.  In the meantime, if you check my Search Engine and enter the name of a country or people, you may find many links to them scattered throughout my "Common Themes" pages.

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Latin America

Special Latin American Features from MythingLinks

The Lore & History of Chocolate
the lore & history of maize

For annotated links covering this Latin American region as a whole,
please see below my "Author's Note."
Meanwhile, here are subsections of Latin America:

Central America & the Caribbean

This completed subsection is not yet on-line; several pages that will eventually be part of it do exist, however -- please see below:


El Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead
Mayan Weaving in the Chiapas Highlands of Mexico
The above page isn't mine -- it's the late Paula Geise's -- but I rescued it as a Mything Links' "adoptee" because it's too valuable to lose; it too will eventually be part of this section:

South america

Amazonian Peoples
Andean Peoples (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile)

Patagonian Peoples [forthcoming]

Peoples from Other South American Regions [forthcoming]

 Author's Note:
"Latin America" is everything in the Western Hemisphere, excluding the United States, Canada, and British possessions; the major languages are Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The University of Texas at Austin maintains a comprehensive, unannotated  listing of Latin American sites organized into various categories.  Below are six of these -- any one of these six could take you days to explore......
These are links on Latin America's "Religion and Theology" -- included are links to ancient spirituality as well.
These links are on Latin America's "Anthropology and Archaeology."
These links cover the "African Diaspora" in Latin America.
These are links on Latin America's "Women and Gender."
These are on Latin America's Arts.
This is the University of Texas' huge collection of maps for Latin America from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection; most were produced by the CIA.  Most are also huge (sizes are noted) and will take a long time to download!  The maps cover regions as well as individual countries.

More to come -- please be patient

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