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Goddess of Wisdom & War

The Greek series, "Mythic Themes Clustered Around," includes
Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena,
Centaurs, Demeter & Persephone,
Hecate & Other "Dark" Goddesses, Icarus, Medusa & Pegasus, Pan
[others are forthcoming]

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From the Perseus Project comes this beautifully illustrated page on Athena; the focus is on her relationship with Hercules, but the brief essay touches on other significant aspects of this goddess as well. [Note: links at the bottom will take you to six more goddesses and women associated with Hercules.]
From N. S. Gill, the Classical/Ancient History guide at, comes this fine little page on Athena as a "Goddess for Men."  This opening page is followed by brief pages linked to six of the heroes she favored: Asclepius, Bellerophon, Hercules, Odysseus, Orestes, and Perseus.
From Megan comes "A Gallery of Wisdom: Pallas Athena." This is an illustrated essay on Athena -- it looks at her birth, iconography, sacred owl, and her associations with Medusa, Arachne, and the Trojan War.  At times I found the style too flip and idiomatic, but the overview remains worthwhile.
From  Stephen D. Lalonde comes a shorter but still useful overview of Athena.   I especially like the contrast he makes between Greek and Roman attitudes to Athena and Ares (another deity of war):
...The Greeks hated the god of war and depicted him as a bully and a coward, while showing Athena as glorious and virtuous. Unlike the Romans, who glorified Mars (the Roman name for Ares) because they intended to conquer the world, the Greeks had no desire to control the world; but neither would they lose their freedom. Thus they despised the god of war and loved the goddess of battle....
This site comes from Kynegeiros Euphorionos, a young Greek devoted to Athena.  The home page won't win any design awards but I enjoyed browsing his linked pages, some of which are beautifully illustrated.  Note: ignore his "Under Construction" notices on this page -- there's actually quite a lot available on this links (although one link was broken the day I checked).
This is "Pictures of Athena and her Temples," again from Kynegeiros Euphorionos.  The links to his photos of art and temples are often stunning but I miss having any commentary, however minimal it might be.

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