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The Garden of Queen Ankhesenamun and her husband, Tutankhamen
Detail from a painted ivory plaque on a coffer lid
(Photographer, F. L. Kenett, in Tutankhamen by C. Desroches-Noblecourt)
Author's note (1998):

There are thousands of sites on ancient Egypt, each leading deeper into yet other labyrinthine mazes.  Clearly, any attempt at a comprehensive evaluation would be foolhardy.  My choices emerge out of a combination of a scholar's eye, a novelist's interests, and pure luck.  Thus, you'll find collections of art and lectures from major universities and institutes next to sites done by passionate, insightful amateurs, professional artists, and scholars-at-large.

Since I spent ten years of my pre-academic life researching and writing a novel on Miriam, Aaron and Moses' early years in ancient Egypt (The River and the Stone, Dutton, 1977, now out of print), subjects that fascinated me then (and, of course, still do) have found their way into these links -- e.g., ancient dance, hieroglyphs, papyrus, pyramids, Amarna.  I'm certain that I've overlooked important and evocative sites.  I hope that you will contact me if you find something  that you feel belongs here.

Meanwhile, although off-topic for this mythology site, I've decided to include a link to Al-Ahram, Egypt's weekly on-line English-language newspaper, for those who wish to explore the present as well as ancient times from a non-CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC perspective.  It usually comes out every Thursday: [Link updated 19 January 2003]

Another site, often updated daily, is The Daily Grail by "Clay Pijun" of Australia.  Despite the site's title, it has more to do with reporting new Egyptian finds and controversies (usually those storming around the pyramids and the sphinx).  The author, a 28 year old student of the Classics and ancient history, offers his commentary on various news reports and annotates his eclectic links with wit and a refreshing common sense:

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Note:  these blue faience bars used as section dividers throughout my Egyptian pages are a single row which I cropped from a photo of a wall panel in the burial chamber of Djoser's Step Pyramid, Saqqara, 3rd Dynasty, built after 2650 BCE. (the lovely full-sized photo is found at the University of Haifa Library site).