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[Unless indicated, all annotations date from 1998 and are still current]

Detail of Cattle with Linked Horns
Old Kingdom, 5th Dynasty, c. 2465-2323
   Detroit Institute of the Arts
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This is the excellent Egyptian section of the "Internet African History Sourcebook," a huge, educationally-focused collection of links to all of Africa, both ancient and modern, country by country, issue by issue.  It's compiled by Fordham's Paul Halsall and is one of several such sourcebooks designed by him that will be found in my pages.  This link will take you to translated texts, art, and much more.
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This site is that of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago -- a major, scholarly website with links to excavations, texts and art at universities and museums.  Plan to spend a long time exploring here.  I've culled some of their sites for my own pages, but much remains.
This site contains over a hundred links compiled by Greg Reeder, a contributing editor to the Egyptology journal, KMT.   Near the end is a section called "Alternative and Controversial Sites," which includes papers on Moses, the Plagues, secrets of the pyramids, the "true" age of the Sphinx, UFO's, and the like: keep a critical eye and tread cautiously here, but some of the data is intriguing.
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This is a site of links from the University of California at Berkeley.  It belongs to the Journal of the Association of Graduates in Near Eastern Studies and covers Egypt, North Africa, the Near East, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Biblical Studies, Assyriology, Hittite, Hebrew, Aramaic, and much more (I'm copying the link into relevant categories elsewhere on my website, so you'll come across this one often).  Its links are scholarly and impressive.  I spent a day here until I was overwhelmed.  Visit at your own risk!  It's a wonderful site.
The site is called "Non-Traditional Egyptology" and is a collection of links ranging from the respectable to the definitely far out.  Keep your grain of salt handy, but if you want to observe some fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) examples of "myth-making" in action, this is a good place to start.  (For more, go to the end and click on the "Cutting Edge? or Over the Edge? Page.")
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This rich collection of nearly 250 links (plus 22 personal sites with Egyptian content) has been compiled by photographer Michel Malfliet (see below under "Amarna" for his head of Nefertiti).  He divides the site into links for Institutions, Museums, Kings & Queens, Language, Chronology, Misc., Religion, Sites, and Tombs; he includes sites for separate links to retellings of tales from Bulfinch's Mythology  (Note: Bulfinch is just for fun, not good scholarship).  Some links are already listed on my own site, but many are new.  If you have the time, enjoy exploring here.
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