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which once covered much of modern Syria, Jordan, Lebanon,
Palestine and Israel

A Canaanite (Phoenician) Goddess of Fertility,
Mistress of Animals
(The Louvre: ivory box lid indicating Minoan influence in the flounced skirt)
[Beautifully photographed against golden grain
in Time/Life's series, TimeFrame: 1500-600 BC, 1987:60.]

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The Tigris-EuphratesRiver Valley
(also known as Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria)

(which once covered much of modern Syria, Jordan, Lebanon,
Palestine and Israel)

(which once covered much of modern Turkey)

The Three Monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity & Islam

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Note: Bar-separators are a detail cropped from the famous Standard of Ur  (c.2600-2400 BCE), found in Time/Life's series, MYTH AND MANKIND: Epics of Early Civilization: Middle Eastern Myth, 1998:54.

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