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Circumpolar Map
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From "Northern Lights" comes this introduction to historical circumpolar maps:
Before the great discoveries of the 16th-century occurred, cartography was in the early stages of development, and notions of the unknown northern terrain were fairly diffuse in nature. The region was frequently termed "Terra Incognita"....
Click at the bottom for a collection of old maps from the 16th-18th centuries -- or click here for a direct link:
This is the excellent WWW Virtual Library to Circumpolar Peoples.  There are a great many well chosen links here.  Topics include: Arts, Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Media, Social development, Tribes, and Women.  There are also many related links.  You could spend many hours exploring here.
This is the home page for "Northern Lights," an exceptional site from the University Library of Tromsø in Norway.  More selected links follow.....
From "Northern Lights" comes this excellent page on mythology associated with the far North:
The northern regions have been enveloped in myths since time primeval. The classical Greeks dreamed of the Hyperboreans that lived to the north of the northern wind. They were thought to be both robust and carefree. Nietzsche, the philosopher, used the Hyperboreans as a simile for his "Übermensch"....
There are a number of hyperlinks in this text -- click on any of them for more detailed and always intriguing information, especially on the Sami.

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Ancient Reindeer Petroglyph