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My grateful thanks to collectors of materials in the public domain, especially:

Tony Hagger of "Web Sauce" in England for the woodsy background used on most of my pages, and for the animated green subdividers used for my Sub-Saharan Africa pages: when I was first creating my website in the early spring of 1998, it was Tony who gave me the encouragement to keep on; he sent me tailor-made gifs, changed their colors, and kept telling me how great my pages were looking; he has now closed his WebSauce site and instead runs the much higher-tech "Artistic Pixels Design" -- I wish Tony well in this new venture; William H. Anderson of  the Radiology HTML Animals Collection for the Flying Pegasus (on his page 6 of 8); Lori "Sewdoll" Howe for the leaf-twining subdividers I've used for Eastern Europe; & Layne Karkruff's BlueSkyHeart for the blue "jewel" I've used to indicate that a category on my home page is complete (no one does jewels better than Karkruff).   Section-divider bars taken from ancient art (e.g., for Egypt, the Near East, and Asia) will be fully identified on the opening pages for each category.

Since this is a non-profit, educational site, in using some art (especially images I've scanned from books), I have assumed "fair use" and have been very careful to credit such sources where I could.  It is not my intent to infringe upon anyone's copyrighted material, but in working with huge amounts of art, some of it downloaded before I had enough web sophistication to know how to find it again, I may have inadvertantly used something to which I had no right.  If you find something of yours here, please let me know and I will either give you linked-credit, or else remove the item.

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2 March 2000
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