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By Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Happy, Dancing Tree
FYI: I never apply for awards -- have neither the time nor interest --
but I'm nevertheless delighted when one comes my way unexpectedly!


                    ...............................Awarded 2004
                                    Awarded 19 October 2004
The Golden Web Award, 2001-2002, received early March 2001.   I made an exception for this one -- I've never before submitted my site for any award (see note under my dancing tree), but this one's loveliness caught my eye and I decided to try for it.  I learned a few days ago that my site won but this year's choice of awards-graphics aren't nearly as attractive as last year's!  So I contacted them and received last year's image for my site <smile>.

From "Shoulders of Giants" on 18 September 2000:

"Attached please find the 'Shoulders of Giants' award. The award is given to sites which add to the cumulative knowlege and enlightenment of the public in a comprehensive, well-presented and interesting style.  Since it cannot be applied for, the presenter is uninterested in a reciprocal link or acknowlegement. The award is purely and quite simply an accolade for an exceptional resource.  Thank you for your positive contribution to the internet and for helping to make it the amazing tool for which it has such potential. Well done! "  [Note: At the presenter's request, no return link is to be used with this award.]
  From Circles of Light: the "Light Sharer's Website Award" for the week starting Saturday, July 22, 2000:
Mythology: Mything Links

"Visit this excellent educational and reference resource for anything mythological, from cultures around the world. In just a few minutes of surfing I bookmarked several pages within this site for permanent reference. This one is a real treasure!"

        Astropro's Website Of the Week Award: ©2000 by Richard Nolle (awarded July 10, 2000):
"JUL 10, 2000 - Mything Links is one of the first places to look if you feel as though you've lost your way. It is, in short, a guide to mythic resources on the World Wide Web: an annotated collection of links to selected quality websites having to do with ultimate truth. Compiled by Dr. Kathleen Jenks of the Pacifica Graduate Institute's Mythological Studies Department, Mything Links is a vast collection of treasures, variously categorized to help you find whatever paths you wish to explore. There's a Star Lore & Astrology section, for example: a fertile field of exploration for anyone with the slightest interest in the cosmic craft. Speaking of cosmic, don't miss the cosmological treasure trove waiting for you at the Creation Myths page.  Dozens more pages await, each focused on one mythical theme or other; and every one of them full of carefully selected links and well-crafted commentary by Dr. Jenks...."
...Emerald Award on 2 March 2000:
"One of the most comprehensive and informative sites on mythology that I've seen on the 'net. Dr. Jenks' site is spectacular, and has received my Emerald Award for excellence of content and craftsmanship."
From "Mac" at: 
  From The Daily Grail [also see below for 23 January 1999]:
 Two Cool Sites Fri Jan 21, 2000 10:44 AEST:

"A couple of cool sites for checking out over the weekend (and believe me, it'll take that long).  Firstly - and I've mentioned it before but dammit it's just so good - check out the Mything Links website. As you'll see on the page, the latest updates have concerned the 'Trees and Plant Lore' page - including one to a piece on the Jewish Feast of Trees, Tu B'Shvat which will occur on the weekend. Also on site heaps of other stuff, my favourite is the 'Star Lore and Astrology' page...."

On 11/1/99, the Open Directory Project designated my  Teachers' Reference Page for Primary & Secondary School Education page an, uh, "Cool Site" <smile>

From 1-15 October 1999, MythingLinks was the Site of the Week on Okana's Web:

"An absolutely gorgeous site by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., with information and links to information from traditions all over the world. Truly a labor of love, and beautifully executed, I would consider this site to be one of the premier sources on the web."
On 20 September 1999, MythingLinks was named the Humanities Site of the Day on Translators' Site du Jour.

Mything Links' first "official" award logo was received on 12 April 1999 when the staff of Folk Tales (an excellent online magazine of the arts) voted it "one of the top web pages in cyberspace":

  As far as I know, only 2 months and 10 days after it was launched on 13 November 1998, Mything Links' first public honor came from Greg at Australia's The Daily Grail:

"Absolutely amazing Sat Jan 23, 1999 23:45 AEST

"Check this out. Courtesy of the wonderful Tokapu of the Ancient Wisdom Mailing List, this site is absolutely amazing. It's a site covering myths of all's been recently updated with a new section on Grail lore. This is what the web really is all about. Although I do wish that poor little flying horse had somewhere to rest for a while."

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