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Note: there are broken links throughout my nearly 300 pages -- that's the nature of websites and unfortunately I don't have time to keep updating broken links. Since I often quote lengthy passages, however, there's still much of interest on those webpages.  For broken links of special interest to you, do try the Wayback Machine's archival site at:  just copy and paste a broken URL into their form and usually it'll come up.

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"When one combines a process of inquiry with content of beauty and antiquity, when, even as a lark, one opens the flow of archetypal images contained in the history and legends of people long negated by this culture, many who confront these images are going to take to them and begin a journey unimagined by those who started the process."   (Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon)
The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair; and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.  (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring)
"Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows." Martin Luther King, Jr.
More Peace & Anti-War Quotes

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Pegasus, winged horse-son of the much maligned Medusa:
on Mount Helicon, he churned up the sacred springs that fed and inspired the Muses,
and thus, memory and all the arts.
Artist: Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

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5 January 2013: I decided to streamline this page as it was getting top-heavy. Most notices that were previously located above Redon's "Pegasus" painting are now near the bottom of this page (below the animated "dead-links" skeleton)........  
Later: in googling unsuccessfully for a working link to Melanie Renn's photo show (based on comments I wrote one autumn equinox), I discovered that she has since created another photo show, this time based on what I wrote about the "special child" born some 2000 years ago on Christmas. Here's the link:

24 December 2012:  My Winter Solstice page was updated in the wee hours of 21 December in time for the beginning of winter at 6:12am EST.  Yesterday my Yuletide Around the World was also updated. A very short third page, launched last year, has now been updated as well: At the Mysterious Portal of Winter Solstice.

18 September 2012Autumn Equinox begins this Saturday, 22 September, in the Northern Hemisphere.  My page for this season has now been updated for 2012. Many blessings to all during this colorful season!

1 August 2012: My page for the August 1-2 celebration of Lammas has now been updated along with a powerful Black Madonna connection.

22 July 2012: In the Islamic world, the month of Ramadhan began 2 days ago on Friday 20 July 2012. I have just updated my Ramadhan page for this year. Many blessings during this holy time....

9 July 2012: As a longtime member of the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation's Board of Directors, it has been a pleasure to be asked to create a number of webpages on Regional and Buddhist-focused topics related to the Foundation.  Here is the Site Map with links to the six pages I have so far created: the Bodhi Tree, Bihar, Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava, Nagarjuna, and the Karmapa. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

4 July 2012, 7:30pm EDT: It has been a stressful few weeks and I nearly skipped updating this year's Fourth of July changes from my Links-Elf, Michaela.  Today, however, I got a brief respite and decided to update them after all.  As I wrote a few weeks ago at Summer Solstice: "Given the drought and many heat waves across the USA, may the gentle, blessed rains return to us!"

19 June 2012, 3:25am EDT:  my Summer Solstice page has now been updated because summer officially begins on Wednesday, June 20th at 7:09pm EDT. Given the drought and many heat waves across the USA, may the gentle, blessed rains return to us!

NOTE: To prevent this "New" section from getting too long, I am transferring its additions to an Archival Page. Currently, this covers from May 26, 1999 to 12 May 2012.  For those who like to keep track of more frequent nuts & bolts changes, please see myUpdates Diary [11/4/04: unfortunately, not updated in ages -- ::sigh::].

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<<< Seasonal Links of On-going Relevance >>>

[Note: some Main and all Sub-categories are also double-listed elsewhere]

Winter Greetings & Lore
       Wintery Shamanism:
       New Breed of Christmas Songs:
Yuletide Around theWorld
Chinese Lunar New Year
       Pigs in History, Religion, Culture, and Art: (2007-2008 Lunar New Year)
       Oxen: A Gallery of Art, Literature, & Culture: (2009-2010 Lunar New Year)
       . Tiger in Art, Literature & Culture: (2010-11 Lunar New Year)1/16/11.
         Rabbit in Art, Literature & Culture: (2011-12 Lunar New Year)  1/22-23/11
        Dragon/Tiger in Chinese Starlore, Constellations, & Zodiac1/11/12
        Dragon in Art, Literature & Culture1/11/17
Imbolc / Candlemas
Earth Day
Beltane / May Day
       Through the Sacred Fires: the Animals of Beltane
Spring Greetings & Lore:.
Mother's Day:
Memorial Day:
Summer Greetings & Lore:
Fourth of July:
Autumn Greetings & Lore
Columbus Day
Samhain / Halloween
Day of the Dead:
Why There's No Thanksgiving Day Page on Myth*ing Links


<<< Year-round Links of On-Going Relevance >>>

*Environmental & Humanitarian Causes Page-- click on this Myth*ingLinks' site to access humanitarian and environmental causes.  Then click daily on the causes you desire.  You pay nothing -- sponsors do.
*For a detailed calendar covering ancient pagan feasts as well as Judeo-Christian celebrations, see Waverly Fitzgerald's wonderfully folkloric School of the Seasons, updated around the first of each month.
*The mythic dimension of astrology has much to say about current events, some chilling, some hopeful. Don't miss Wolfstar's weekly column (usually updated every Monday or Tuesday) on world events & famous people as seen through astrology's mythic lens (backup sites with some early archives are at: Wandering Star Designs or Star IQ).  [Updated Wolfstar's link: 22 May 2011. Halloran's site still works but sometimes doesn't get updated in a timely fashion.]
*The Headline Muse, a handsome, provocative monthly online journal (free) which offers archetypal analysis of headline news, film reviews, current events and cultural trends.  It's published the 6th of each month and includes archives of previous months.
The Remaining links are for "WhenEver":
*I began my Mythic Shopping Page for the 1999-2000 winter holidays but have decided to keep it up year round.
*Asian Lunar New Year.
*Earth Day, which includes environmental issues that are relevant year-round.
*The Kosovo Peace Invocation  -- as important now as ever in that angry, wounded land.

*I was interviewed (11/00) for an article on goddesses, "Oh, Goddess!" by Laurel Kallenbach for here's the link if you'd like to read it:,1267,ArticleDetail:learn:16:439,00.html.

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Latest Updates:
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Therefore, although I will keep the bookstore "as is," I will no longer be adding to it.
I need to invest my time elsewhere.


Added December 2001

My Personal Friends:
Recommended Links to Healers, Writers, & Artists
Added 28 July 2006
Reference Page
Since Myth*ing Links is designed for student research, I have added this section containing online libraries, reference help, literary texts, data on world languages, help on writing research papers (both MLA and APA), information on copyright "myths," movie links (especially for those of you searching for film plots, themes, and/or films representing various historical periods), and also sites simply for word-lovers.
 Teachers' Reference Page for Primary & Secondary School Education
.4 June 2011 w/free, educational video game on science:  This page for teachers (or for those who homeschool) contains links to mythology, folklore, and general sites with data and lesson plans for grades K-12.  Lovely images come from African-American and Russian artists.  (On 11/1/99, the Open Directory Project designated this page as a "Cool Site.")
Cross-cultural, Multi-regional, Interdisciplinary Collections
Beginning with the superb "Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research,"this section looks at very large and comprehensive collections.
 Special Interest Sites for Pacifica Faculty, Students & Colleagues
This section includes unannotated links to Pacifica faculty, graduates, & student webpages plus sites on Jung, Campbell, Freud, Eliade, Otto, Hillman, other depth psychologists, mysticism, anthropology, religious studies, archetypal perspectives, foundations for mythology & psychology, relevant journals, books, videos, etc.



8/29/00 --  means the page is music-enhanced -- controls to pause or stop the sound are at the bottom of these pages.
IMPORTANT -- links to more recent new pages under "Common Themes" will not yet appear on earlier pages -- you'll need to return to this home page for the most up-to-date menu.
 Animals: [Also see Food & Drink sectionbelow; some are double-listed above under Seasonal]
        Of Cows and Madness
          Through the Sacred Fires: the Animals of Beltane
          Oxen: A Gallery of Art, Literature, & Culture (for 2009-2010 Lunar New Year)
          Pigs in History, Religion, Culture, and Art:
          Rabbit in Art, Literature & Culture: East & West: (2011-12 Lunar New Year).....1/23/11
          Tiger in Art, Literature & Culture: (2010-2011 Lunar New Year)
          Wolf: Science, Psychology, and Lore: .
          Dragons & Serpents& expanded 1/8/12
     Dragon/Tiger in Chinese Starlore, Constellations, & Zodiac1/11/12
       Dragon in Art, Literature & Culture1/11/12

          Karmic Noah's Ark Project.....March 2011

         Index Page to Factory Farms (aka CAFO's) / Industrial Agriculture: .
            (Online since 2004 but not  linked  to Myth*ing Links until 6 March 2010)

 Artists & Muses: The Creative Impulse:

 Birds [forthcoming, as of 5/25/09]

 Creation Myths: Part I: (General scholarship, Australia, Africa, & Multi-cultural)
 Creation Myths: Part II: (India, Japan, Near East, Greece, Rome, Norse, Teutonic)
 Creation Myths: Part III: (North & Meso America)

 Crones & Sages:+
         Baba Yaga page:
         Crone Genesis: by Z. Budapest

  Food and Drink: Sacrality & Lore: [Also see above under Animals and below under Latin America]
           Lore & History of Chocolate:
           Lore & History of Maize


           Land: Sacrality & Lore: (mountains, caves, labyrinths, spiral mounds, crop & stone circles, FengShui)
           Earth Day & Environmental Issues
           Earth Goddesses & Gods:

            Minerals8 May 2004 -- still a work-in-progress

           Bronze [forthcoming]
           Copper: March 2004 -- still a work-in-progress
           Emeralds [forthcoming]
           Iron [forthcoming]
           Silver [forthcoming]
           Tin [forthcoming]
           Air: Sacrality & Lore: (air, wind, sky, storms, clouds, weather lore)
           Air, Wind, & Sky Goddesses & Gods:

           Fire: Sacrality & Lore(fire, northern lights, green-flashes, Elmo's Fire)
           Fire & Solar Goddesses & Gods: Broken links9/2/11

           Water: Sacrality & Lore: (water, wells, springs, pools, lakes)

Note: in over 6 years of gathering and grokking links from all over the world, I've found many that are now personal favorites of mine.  Yet for simple, stunning significance, none compares with the work of Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, on water.  You'll find photos & links to his research on this Water: Sacrality & Lore page.
            Floods & Rainbows: Mythologies & Science:
           Water & Lunar Goddesses & Gods:

GENDER ISSUES [see Western Europe's Classical, Celtic, Arthurian, etc traditions for more on both genders]:
           "Why Women Can't Sleep" -- Introductory Essay+
           Women -- Annotated Links and Excerpts: [Split off from original page on 1/10/09]
               History of:  Mother's Day
    Lilith Remembered: a poem by Kathy Robles
     Origins of Sacred Theatre: A Re-telling of Vak / Churning of the Ocean:
     Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya, an 8th Century Islamic Saint from Iraq

Green Men::
           Who is the Green Man?: by my late friend and colleague, Dr. Dan Noel
Insects in the World and in Mythology+
Money, Wealth & Treasure
        Attachment:Martin Luther King, Jr. on a Guaranteed Annual Income/Wage
     Attachment:President Obama's 2011 Budget 2/17/11
        Spin-off: Charon, Greek Ferryman of the Dead: [also listed elsewhere];
     Spin-off: Rumpelstiltskin, Spinner of Gold - Part I: [also listed elsewhere]; 
     Spin-off:Rumpelstiltskin, Spinner of Gold - Part II: [forthcoming]

 Music:9/14/00, but still 
        New Breed of Christmas Songs:

 Nature Spirits of the World:

           Perspectives on Exploring Past Lives:
           What Is a Past Life?
           Frequently Asked Questions:
           Letter to a Child:
           China and Tibetan Reincarnation:
           Pastlife Regression on the Leylines of Nuremberg
           Karmic Noah's Ark Project.....March 2011

           Birthing [forthcoming]
           Death & Dying: [also see "Reincarnation" above]
           Devic Weather-Working Rituals: Introduction: An experimental cyber-ritual.

 Sacred Theatre & Dance:

 Shamanism :+
           Wintery Shamanism:

 Star Lore & Astrology2/10/01 & 2/21-22/03 -- but still
     Centaurs, Cheiron, Sagittarius:(also listed under Western Europe: Ancient Greek Traditions)
     Charon (& Pluto): (also listed under Western Europe: Ancient Greek Traditions).
     Dragon/Tiger in Chinese Starlore, Constellations, & Zodiac1/11/12 (also listed under Seasonal, Animals, & China)
     Mars in Astrology, Mythology, and Science: (also listed under Western Europe: Roman & Italian Traditions)
     Mind Song: a Talisman in Dark Times 4/23/11
     Poseidon/Neptune: (also listed under Western Europe: Ancient Greek Traditions)
     Sedna: Goddess of the Arctic Seas and our 10th Planet: (also listed under Indigenous Peoples/North America)

 Symbols, Signs, & Runes:

 Time: (Calendars, Clocks, Natural Temporal Cycles, Attitudes toward Time, & Millennium Issues)

 Trees & Plant Lore:
        The Bodhi (Pipal fig) Tree7/9/12
 Tricksters, Clowns, Magicians, Jesters & Fools:
          The Archetype of the Magician: by John Granrose, Ph.D.

 Wars, Weapons, & Lies: The Dehumanizing Impulse:
         My Notes on James Hillman's The Terrible Love of War [Conference: 11/8-9/02]
         Anti-War Quotes:
        Peace / War / Health: by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

 Weaving: Arts & Lore: (Cosmic Webs, Spinning, Spindles, Quilts, Clothing)

AFRICA Portal Page:
EGYPT's subdivisions:

Art & Artifacts:
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt:
Egypt: General Info, Books, Art Reproductions, Travel, Etc.:
Egypt: through the Eyes of Photographers & Artists:
Hieroglyphs, Papyrus, Texts:
Links to the Links:
Men of Ancient Egypt:
Multiple Category Sites:
Other Archaeological Sites:
Religious Beliefs & Practices:Ancient, Graeco-Roman, Coptic:
Women of Ancient Egypt:

The Sahara:

Sub-Saharan Africa Portal Page:
FYI: except for the "Sacred Arts" page, this entire section remains largely under construction.  In the meantime, if you check my Search Engine and enter the name of a country or people, you may find links to them scattered throughout my "Common Themes" pages.

Sub-Sahara: General
Sub-Saharan Folklore
Sub-Saharan Sacred Arts

Sub-Saharan Countries and Peoples:
Niger I: The Country:
Niger II: Famine 2005:
Songhay People of Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger,  & Nigeria:
Hausa People of Niger and Nigeria & Fulani People of Mali and Niger31 August 2005 -- still 
NEAR EAST Portal Page: [For Egypt, see under AFRICA] 
Tigris-Euphrates River Valley:
      Lilith Remembered: a poem by Kathy Robles
Contemporary Iraq:
The Three Desert-Born Monotheisms:
           Litany to the Burned Christ:
           Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya, an 8th Century Islamic Saint from Iraq

The Crone Papers: Notes on the Mideast:
           What Can We Do About Terrorism?by Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.
           Deena Metzger's Call for Deliberation.

       [Further additions to this section remain forthcoming]
Afghanistan (Page I)+ 10 March 2010: general information
Afghanistan (Page II) 20 March 2010:  pre-history up to 18th century
Afghanistan (Page III)24 March 2010: 18th century & beyond, including  gold & ivory exhibition
Afghanistan (Page IV): Pre- & post-9/11 -- new link but same data as on my 2001 opening page
Pakistan:9/17-18/01 & still
ASIA Portal Page:
Asian Lunar New Year:
Asian Arts:
Buddhism, General4/1/01 & still
    Buddhism, Tibetan7/9/12
        The Current Karmapa & his Lineage7/9/12
    China and Tibetan Reincarnation: [a reprint]
     Dragon/Tiger in Chinese Starlore, Constellations, & Zodiac:1/11/12
     Sacred Theatre and Dance (Natya):
     Origins of Sacred Theatre: A Re-telling of Vak / Churning of the Ocean:
Southeast Asia:
Tibet: [also see Buddhism, above]
EUROPE Portal Page:
Pre-historic Period:Paleolithic to the Bronze Age:
Old Europe:
European Nature-Based Ways (Wicca):
The Wheel of the Year
[This page has links to all my seasonal greetings for the solstices & equinoxes -- also see near the top of my HomePage under "Links of Ongoing Relevance" for direct links.]
The Burning Times:
European Colonialism:
Individuation, Seeing-through, and Liberation:  Depth Psychology and Colonialism,
By Helene Shulman Lorenz, Ph.D. & Mary Watkins, Ph.D.
Silenced Knowings, Forgotten Springs: Paths to Healing in the Wake of Colonialism,
By Helene Shulman Lorenz, Ph.D. & Mary Watkins, Ph.D.
12 November 2008: a new book by my former colleagues at Pacifica, Mary Watkins and Helene Shulman,  Toward Psychologies of Liberation, has just been published. Please check their above Myth*ing Links pages for further information. Congratulations, Helene and Mary!
Pan-Slavic Traditions & Beliefs:
Russia Portal Page:
Russian Fairy Tales & Folklore:
        The Stone Flower: [Re-telling of a Russian folktale set in the Urals]
Sacred Ikons:
The Balkans Portal Page:
Individual Balkan countries/states/kingdoms:
Albania [forthcoming]
Bosnia [forthcoming]
Bulgaria Part I
Bulgaria Part II
Croatia:9/11/01 & 10/21/01 -- still 
Kosovo |||||  Kosovo/Serb Peace Invocation
Macedonia [forthcoming]
Montenegro [forthcoming]
Serbia [forthcoming]
Slovenia [forthcoming]
*** For Greece, see under "Western Europe";
for Hungary, see below under "Finno-Ugric Peoples.")
Other Slavic Lands
Baltic States Portal Page:
Finno-Ugric Peoples Portal Page:
(Note: for Estonia, see "Baltic Sates";  for Sami and western Siberian peoples, see "INDIGENOUS: Circumpolar.")
        Hungary/Transylvania Maps Page
Important: Western Europe is organized by theme &/or tradition, not country.
Classical Traditions:
Ancient Greek Traditions:

Mythic Themes Clustered Around:
[Note: links to more recent new pages in this section will not yet appear on earlier pages -- you'll need to return to this home page for an up-to-date menu.]

Aphrodite [forthcoming]
Artemis  [forthcoming]
Centaurs, Cheiron, Sagittarius: (also listed under Star Lore & Astrology)
Charon(also listed under Star Lore & Astrology). 
Demeter [forthcoming]
Hecate & "Dark" Goddesses [forthcoming]
Kore / Persephone:
Medusa & Pegasus:
Poseidon/Neptune:  (also listed under Star Lore & Astrology)
Ancient Roman & Italian Traditions:  9/10-13/00
Mars in Astrology, Mythology, and Science: (also listed under Star Lore & Astrology)
Celtic Traditions:
Icelandic, Nordic, & Teutonic Traditions:5 November 2003 & still
The Leylines of Nuremberg:
Pastlife Regression on the Leylines of Nuremberg:
The Norns of Norn Mountain (Nuremberg):
Medieval Life & Times:
Arthurian Themes:
Grail  Lore:
Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermetics:

Fairy Tales & Folk Lore:
          Rumpelstiltskin..12/18/09, but parts are still pending, 

FYI: much in this section remains largely under construction -- however, if you check my Search Engine and enter the name of a country or people, you may find links to them scattered throughout my "Common Themes" pages.
Note: also see "Sub-Saharan Africa";  "The Sahara"; and "Eastern Europe" (for indigenous Eurasian, but  non-circumpolar, peoples)
THE AMERICAS Portal Page [forthcoming]
North America Portal Page:
Sedna: Goddess of the Arctic Seas and our 10th Planet: (Also listed under Star Lore & Astrology)
Canada's First Peoples:
Native American Portal Page [forthcoming]
Native Americans of the Southwest:  8/28/02, but still a work-in-progress; officially launched 13 November 2002, but still incomplete.
Latin America Portal Page:
[FYI: this page is linked to my separate Lore & History of Chocolate
and Lore & History of Maize pages--these two pages are also listed above under Common Themes: Food and Drink: Sacrality & Lore]
Meso America & the Caribbean [forthcoming]
Day of the Dead:
South America Portal Page:
Amazonian Peoples:
Andean Peoples(Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, & northern Chile)
Patagonian Peoples [forthcoming]
Peoples of Other Regions  [forthcoming]





A Collection of Essays & Other Writings by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Note: this is a separate section of Myth*ing Links
with its own separate Table of Contents on its portal-page.

23 June 2002, Sunday, 11 am: after weeks of work in rare moments of free time, I am launching a new section, CRONE PAPERS: A Collection of Essays & Other WritingsThe collection comes from my various page-introductions scattered throughout Myth*ing Links.  There are currently 13 pieces in the collection with more to be added as time permits.  Gathering them in one convenient place will make them more accessible to the many readers who have asked me to do this.

10 May 2005, Tuesday, 2:15am: there is now a new subsection within CRONE PAPERS called Notes on Books & Video Games -- this portal page also has its own Table of Contents.


26 July 2007, Thursday, 10:45pm: This is a new section that collects in one place my Factory Farm / Industrial Agriculture pages plus my environmentally-focused pages, all of which were formerly listed in the Common Themes section.  This new section looks at issues relevant to clean air, water, food, and fairness to the creatures who have been here as long, or longer, than we have and who share this environment with us. (Note: if you have bookmarked or linked to earlier Common Themes links that are now in this new section, please note that URLs will not change. I have moved them to this new section but have left older URLs intact.)

9 December 2008: I have added a new Reuters report to my Environmental Corner page. Here is the opening excerpt, which will give you a sense of how significant and forward-looking it is:

Reuters - The worst financial crisis since the 1930s may be a chance to put price tags on nature in a radical economic rethink to protect everything from coral reefs to rainforests, environmental experts say. Farmers know the value of land from the amount of crops they can produce but large parts of the natural world - such as wetlands that purify water, oceans that produce fish or trees that soak up greenhouse gases - are usually viewed as "free." "Most of our valuable assets are not on the books," said Robert Costanza, professor of ecological economics at the University of Vermont. "We need to reinvent economics. The financial crisis is an opportunity...."

Many visitors assume that a mythologist like me focuses only on ancient times, but this is incorrect.  I am also passionate about my own times, especially since so many toxic myths and legends from the past continue to influence (and corrupt) today's decisions.  I hope you'll explore this new Current Events page -- a collection from other sites as well as Myth*ing Links relating to the world we inhabit today.

NOTE: many of the external links are updated daily, others weekly.  In these times of shrinking news coverage by mainstream TV networks, it's all the more crucial that we find ways of remaining informed about the deeper issues.  It helps to know how many others share our deep concerns. In addition to the new Current Events page, below are direct links to 4 of my other pages with clear ties to our contemporary world:

The Three Desert-Born Monotheisms
Wars, Weapons, & Lies: The Dehumanizing Impulse
Artists & Muses: The Creative Impulse
Spring Equinox 2003


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Graveyard for Lamented Links: (This page includes my thoughts on the ephemeral nature of webbing.)
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8 September 2004:About dead & broken links,  it's impossible for me to stay caught up -- some die within hours or days of my launching a new page.  If you find a dead link and really yearn to see what was on that page, several of my readers have sent me the following "time machine" link that has archived 30 billion pages dating back to 1996 -- it's easy to use and really works:
5 January 2013:

Here are some announcements
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Webpage for autumn 2012 Life Journey course I taught at GVSU
Note: with over 4 decades of experience, I am available worldwide by telephone if you are interested in exploring your earlier reincarnations:
.Explore Your Karmic Roots..
...See: Testimonials
My Academic and Non-Academic Activities
NOTE: I strongly support:... I'm tired of sites that have stopped coding for older browsers. Many of us -- senior citizens as well as countless people in the Third World -- whether through choice or economic pressures -- do not have computers with all the whistles & bells.  I object to those who consider us insignificant and who create sites we cannot access [8 April 2002, 4am].
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1998: Cyber Nuts & Bolts
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2006: Artist, Melanie Renn, has created a free online photoshow around a prayer, "As Autumn Returns," that I wrote a handful of years ago for my autumn equinox page.  Her work has a Native American focus and is truly beautiful -- music, art, and words all blend together.  It's at:

10 March 2009:

Note -- this photo show will expire on 31 March 2009 -- see it while you can! -- and if anyone could save this for me, I'd be grateful.  My aging computer can no longer get this to play.

5 January 2012:
I might have found Melanie online so I just posted a comment and will hope to hear from her soon.  Meanwhile, I discovered a new link she created for a photoshow/movie illustrating my Christmas musings from a few years ago.  The music is somewhat distracting but her image choices are as great as ever.  It's at:

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[30 March 2012: updated .com to .net, so the above link will now work again.]

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