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Regression Session on the Leylines of Nuremberg

Note: "Leylines" refer to earth's network of electromagnetic flows.  Some call these "dragon-lines" (from an esoteric perspective, myths of "dragon-slaying" are a misunderstanding of helping to  focus and activate a particular dragon-line).  Others speak of power-spots, pulses, and so forth.  Water-dowsers are able to locate these "dragon-lines," which does not however mean that leylines exist wherever there is water.  Another way of looking at these forces is as "songlines," which is what Australia's Aboriginal culture calls them.  As author Johanna Lambert writes in Wise Women of the Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales of the Ancestral Powers (Inner Traditions, 1993:47):
...Aboriginal culture explains [this] through its concept of "songlines," magnetic and vital force flows that emanate from the earth, crisscrossing the continent.  Aborigines believe that they can project their psyche or inner consciousness along these songlines as a means of communicating songs, stories, and knowledge over great distances.  It is said that songlines were once a sacred tradition that stretched across the entire earth, and, in this way, cultural knowledge was shared worldwide....
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I scanned these maps from Atlas of the Year 1000 by John Man (Harvard University Press, 1999).  They are differently scaled but I've matched them at the middle-bottom with Arles to the left and Aix to the right.
THE GRAIL LINE:  on the German side, the bowl of the Big Dipper starts at Nuremberg, upper far right at the bottom of what looks like two red claws (FYI: red areas are ecclesiastical lands, which surround Nuremberg on 3 sides).  The second point would be south of Arles at a place where the gypsies worship Sara-Kali and where the 3 Mary's are said to have landed: Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.  So draw a line from Nuremberg down to that region.  Then draw a third line up from there to Le Puy, and continue with a fourth to Chartres.  This will give you a V-shaped dipper instead of the usual flat-bottomed one with which we're familiar.  Finally, the "handle" runs from Chartres to Edinburgh (not shown on these maps), then curving over to Iceland and Greenland.

THE SIEGFRIED LINE: the sword-line is much shorter and runs straight from Le Puy NE to Nuremberg.

THE LINE OF FATE: This is a circle both beginning and ending, like an ouroborous, at Nuremberg.  The body of the circle lies to the west, crossing right through Le Puy and, in general, lying fully within the V-shaped bowl of the "Dipper."  A circle of equal size is also said to lie east of Nuremberg, so that the two together make up the infinity-sign, or sideways figure-8.

A Map of Europe

I've tried to draw the pattern of all three lines on this map: the Grail line is beige,
Siegfried is purple, Destiny lines are the two clumsily shaped green circles.

(Note: Merlinda has been a licensed psychotherapist for 11 years, an Interfaith minister for 13 years, and is currently completing  a Doctorate of Divinity.  She also has a degree in body work and cranial sacrum.)
She begins in a place of radiance -- yellow, pulsating light, like the sun.  Out in space.  She's human & floating around, alone. Other sky-phenomena there too, not just the pulsating light.  Then she's seeing more colors -- attracted to a beautiful deep purple.  Goes there.  Feels a "majestic-emotioned"-energy connected with this purple light.  It feels familiar but from a very long time ago. She passes through it but keeps its strength -- and is now in Spain.

She's in Santiago de Compostela, the great medieval shrine with the tomb of St. James that once attracted hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all across Europe.  [On small map above, it's above Portugal on Spain's NW coast.]  She's still Merlinda -- not in a pastlife.  She stands by a church.  She says she always wanted to be there to do the road to Compostela.  St. James always intrigued her.  This was a terrestrial pilgrim route deliberately laid out by Knights of St. John, she says.  In all her many travels in her current lifetime, she's kept Spain at bay but now she's standing there, laughing at the ingenuity of the journey -- at the Templars getting millions of people to do this pilgrimage and making so much money!  Brilliant!  Her head says all places are holy, so this route is just a contrivance to make money.  But her heart tells her that places do exist that bring (or once brought) major joy to people.  Pilgrimages create morphic resonances between land and spirit.

I ask her to go further back into the past to a time when the shrine was in its heyday.  Instead, she finds herself at Le Puy in France, c. 1400 AD, one of the major points on the medieval pilgrimage route to Spain.  [For a beautiful story of the role played by the Virgin Mary and a lone deer in the founding of the first church at Le Puy, click on this link:]

She's male, dark hair, 40-ish.  He's in a small church and sees light coming through the stones.  The light has a special quality -- it seems "magnetized," she says.  Sees image of a woman who radiates this light.  The woman speaks, "I am always with you. I am radiant like you."  She needs something from this man.  She needs to be recognized.  I ask if she's the Black Madonna (Le Puy has a famous one).  Merlinda says no, she's not black, more white with yellow radiating from her -- like a fairy, but human-size.  She has huge wings.

She's speaking to this man because he's open to such things.  He's a field-worker who was just sitting there, praying.  He's impressed with her and wants to help her.  She shows him cracks in the earth [these weren't literal -- it was more as if the energy-field were cracking and breaking].  "Recognize me, see me, know that I am here."  He sees now that she's a beam of light and light-beings are everywhere around her.  Earth is cracking open because these spirits, or devas, aren't being seen anymore.  Merlinda says they want us to dance with them, write about them, honor them, film them.

The man doesn't know what to do except to believe her and pay homage to her.  He does ceremonies at the base of tall natural stones at Le Puy.  This keeps the leylines in balance.  He has no family and thus is free to help her without family conflicts.  I ask if just one man by himself is enough to make a difference?  Marlinda says he also takes small groups of people to the site for various ceremonies.  He's told the role of the devas is to keep cracks in the earth from not being "disruptive." They soothe the cracks -- but they need the energy of our "seeing" them in order to do this.  When he brings groups, he expects the deva to return in physical form so that everyone, not just him, can actually see her -- & this happens.

At first Merlinda felt the building on the site where the deva first appeared was a stark, primeval church.  It felt "early" to her -- thus there was no danger to the man of witch-burnings, accusations of heresy, etc.  The man dedicated his life to being the caretaker of the place.  But as his life unfolded, Merlinda realized that there was never any clergy there, no Christian ikons or other art, and no church rituals.  Then she saw that it was just a simple stone building, not a church.  He was drawn there because of the extraordinary light coming through its two windows.

The man's influence brought a renewal of dancing that Merlinda felt had once been done in this place in pre-Christian times. Festivals and dancing were now held in honor of the deva and other nature spirits.  He lived to see all this -- and was very happy that the dances were born again.  Merlinda felt the time frame was in the 1400's, "so it's after the real darkness," by which she meant the massacre of the Cathars [a topic we had been discussing earlier that day before the regression].

I ask if the deva is still acessible to her in our own time.  She is.  I ask about the cracks in the earth as they are today.  The deva's brightness dims greatly -- she's very sad about it all.  I ask if Merlinda has a primary calling to continue serving her, or if other tasks and callings have come into play by now?  The deva says she recognizes Merlinda for who she was in that earlier time, but that's no longer the primary purpose today.  She says M. needs to go and speak to others about these beings -- that we are them [unclear what was meant by that & I forgot to ask in the press of other emerging data -- I'll ask next time].  She shows M. areas in Eastern Europe where hope is very dim.  Hardly any light.

I ask the deva if she knows about the three major leylines meeting in Nuremberg.  She replies that those same three lines also intersect in Le Puy -- at which point M's body jolts upwards as she experiences a series of strong chills.  The site where the deva appeared to the man in medieval times is exactly at the nexus of those three lines in Le Puy.  *That's* where she emerged -- the light in her that attracted the man was the result of that nexus.  I ask which is the core nexus then -- Le Puy or Nuremberg?  The deva says Nuremberg.

This mention of Nuremberg goes right to M's heart -- she holds it, beating on it, her fingers spread wide.  She says the heart-chakra is in Nuremberg and it's a key place.  Le Puy is a direct "node," however, and so is Chartres [from what I could understand, only two lines converge at Chartres but Europe has many other leylines besides the three we were asking about and perhaps one or more of them is involved in Chartres as well].

M. says the recognition of Nuremberg's specialness is very ancient -- Neolithic times.  The trees are involved.  Nuremberg had a "battle of trees"?  It was unclear why she called it this and she herself thought it might be mixed up with Robert Graves' White Goddess book in which this term is used extensively but in a totally different context.  What finally came through is that a huge sacred forest was completely destroyed by Christians -- she said Jesuits and Benedictines did it. [I've been unable to find any historical reference to this so far.]  This brutal destruction opened and pierced the heart-chakra at Nuremberg.  The desecration and total loss of those sacred groves paradoxically created a context in which a real healing of heart could occur.  No reason to cut the trees, she said -- they had water and soil and didn't need to cut trees down.  It was a deliberate assault on ancient ways by the Christians.  Merlinda said Nuremberg was now feeling to her like a "Lord of the Rings" kind of place -- so many layers.

I ask what the Grail Line is -- what's its special gift or task?  M. is told it's the embodiment of our bodies -- the Mother, the body, the rainbow colors of chakras, the rays inside our vessels.  I ask where it lies, what's its trajectory?  The deva says: "Follow the Cup in the sky & you'll see the Grail."  I explained that we wouldn't know where each star would connect with Europe so could we go through it "star" by "star"?  I drew a rough sketch of the 7 stars of the Big Dipper and started with the far right rim of the cup.  "What's that one?" I asked.  Nuremberg. Below it?  A place south of Arles where Sarah or gypsies or someone landed that Merlinda knows about [Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer].  Left of that?  Le Puy.  Above that?  Chartres.  That gave us the four "stars" of the bowl.  Now for the handle -- what's beyond Chartres?  Edinburgh.  And beyond that lay Atlantis, Iceland and Greenland.  I expressed surprise that "Atlantis" was so far north when Edgar Cayce situated it in tropical waters off the US.  M. said flatout that Cayce was wrong.

I ask what the Siegfried Line is -- its special gift or task?  We're told it's a sword.  It has to do with imprinting on earth what has taken place in the heavens.  It's highly charged, focused, like Mars, but doesn't have to be focused for wars.  [It occurred to me that along this line would be a great place for establishing spiritual-hostels for changing consciousness away from endless, self-perpetuating wars.  I asked about this & the deva said yes.]  I ask where it is and we're again told to "Look to the sky."  Well, I can handle the familiar Big Dipper but not a celestial sword I've never seen.  I ask for another way to get the trajectory.  After some fumbling, we learn that it goes from its handle in Le Puy straight across to its tip in Nuremberg.

Finally I asked what the Line of Fate, or Destiny, is.  I felt foolish asking that -- I mean, we all know what fate and destiny imply -- it's what is "destined" to happen or unfold.  But the response surprised me.  We were told it's being within the Grail and holding the Sword.  In other words, it's a Jungian union of opposites.  I asked where it was.  M. was tiring by now and sometimes her head got in the way.  She thought it made a balanced "X" with the sword and ran from the gypsy place to Chartres, but that would mean it wouldn't intersect with the other two lines in Nuremberg [looking at the actual maps, it also wouldn't make an "X"].  Then she said it went to the North in relationship to one of the other lines. I finally suggested that we make a fresh start and forget the other 2 lines.  I asked again: "Where is the Line of Destiny?"  That cleared the static and she saw that it goes from Nuremberg and returns to it, its circle filling the "cup" on the western side.  It's a circular line, not a straight line -- and the "destiny" is Nuremberg's, not individual humans'.  M. said that since Nuremberg was cracked open, it became the fate of Nuremberg to be in this cycle of the Nature Spirits -- through the darkness, and back to recognition again. [Next time I'll ask what it means to lie along or within the circle filling the cup.]

I was concerned about Eastern Europe where the deva had said hope was so dim. It didn't seem right to me that so much energy was concentrated only in Western Europe.  M. was told that as the circle fills the cup on the western side, another circle goes to the east, making an "infinity-sign," or sideways "8."  The loop is mirrored in the heavens [I have no idea where that is].  I asked M. what the furthest boundary is in E. Europe.  After many hesitations, she said Budapest, Bosnia. & Bulgaria, but she wasn't sure as has no idea of geography in that part of Europe.  Looking at a map, Budapest looks spot-on.  The circle just might extend into Bosnia, but Bulgaria is out of the question, at least for the Destiny Line under consideration.

I then asked for Nuremberg's counterpart in Eastern Europe -- i.e., what's the primary nexus?  It turns out that it's not a major city at all - more an undeveloped region, or county, or province.  The deva sees it as intensely bright with light and filled with nature spirits.  M. got a name that made no sense to either or us -- and yet we later located it on a map right where she'd seen it during the session.  The name she got was a "sounds-like" name but it was completely recognizable once we saw an actual map later that night.  When I started creating webpages on Nuremberg in preparation for making these notes public (with Merlinda's enthusiastic permission), I got a strong sense that I should not name either the country or region where this light is so bright.  The people who live there are obviously doing something marvelously right -- why put them at risk?!  When I mentioned this to Merlinda, she said she too had been getting exactly the same feeling.  So that special place will remain a secret.

I asked about the Three Norns and M. was told that each Norn is the Over-Deva of one of the lines along its entirety.  The deva says Nuremberg has the potential for a huge healing of the feminine if only the devas/nature spirits can be recognized and honored.

The deva had said that the lines were mirrored in the skies so I asked if there were "crackings" there too.  Yes, they are things like novas, etc. -- i.e., natural processes.  On earth, the "crackings" are generally man-made.  Those people honoring the sky-spirits keep the skies from "cracking" more [that's probably a metaphor -- I don't imagine novas, etc have been slowed down by any of this <smile>]. The sky-spirits, apparently, are more honored than earth's nature spirits [which does make sense actually -- look at the excitement stirred by an eclipse, a meteor-shower, or Mars' proximity to the earth.  Do we react with the same excitement when a crocus blooms, a sunflower opens, a vineyard ripens, or a holly berry stays brilliant red against the falling snow?  There are exceptions, of course -- cherry-blossoming in Washington, D.C., maple-viewing in Japan, autumn leaves in New England.]

I wanted to fly off to Nuremberg immediately after getting so much information, but that isn't a practical reality for me.  So my brain was churning up new possibilities. "What if," I asked the deva, "someone made a floor-map and began dancing over the map at one of these points -- would that help move the intention to help?"  She seemed taken aback but pleased by the idea.  After a moment's hesitation, she said that, yes, it would indeed help.  I pressed further, "On a scale of 1 to 10 where would going there in person fall?"  That turned out to be a "9."  And dancing on a map?  That was a "5" -- which maybe isn't that great, but more people are likely to have access to a map than to airfares to Nuremberg so the overall effect could be enormous!!  Still, however, as the deva pointed out, being there physically is really important.  It creates a vortex and re-energizes specific areas.  It focuses, like the sword.

So, my thought is that perhaps Europeans in the region can do the physical/vortex/focus part, and the rest of us around the world, who might be moved by all this, could dance.  We wouldn't even need floor-maps.  We could stretch strings from one stone, or candle, or book, or picture, or crystal, or whatever to another, each representing one of the key points on the leylines.  We could dance along and between them.  And we could honor the nature spirits in out own vicinity as proof of our sincerity.

I asked if these key nexus-points were always found in threes.  M. was told that currently these do all come in triplets -- this has to do with the trinity, triangles, etc ----- in other words, triads represent a healthy move past dualities.

I asked how seriously we should take the deva's implied "promise" that those who honor them will indeed "see" them. Is that meant to be a metaphor or literal?  M. feels they will appear & be real enough to be filmed.  [May it be so!! <grin>]  M. added that the whole message was full of light.  [And cameras, of course, capture light.]

The deva said that the political-spiritual aspects of these triad-places are inescapable because these 3 lines specifically deal with energies of light and power.  They have to involve politics and spirit by their very nature.  Those 3 lines brought together are explosive.

Back to dancing at Nuremberg -- the deva says the feel of the lay of the land is important.

She was then starting to fade and I asked for any final messages.  She said she wants to be seen -- she resides everywhere. Then she summed everything up:

The lines are the embodiment of our collective consciousness.
The Grail Line = body [or one could say the wonder and magic of "soma"]
Siegfried = will & "act of will" -- i.e., love
When you hold both body and focused will/love -- & dance -- that's the circular Line of Destiny.


Hitler consciously used the power of the three leylines and harnessed them to his insane power drives.  We saw the results -- whatever dark magicks he used worked for a frighteningly long time.  Then why can't we, acting as caring humans, harness those very same energies, re-configuring, re-constellating, bringing forth their shining life-giving mead, their kindness, their sanity?   If great numbers of sensitive souls, singly or in leaderless groups, who are already in touch with such Nature Spirits, could energize the Nuremberg leylines with joy as well as somber seriousness, then something mighty might be shifted -- and the compassionate justice and balance once nurtured by the Norns might be re-activated.

If we can't go in person to these sites,  we can still participate by becoming more deeply, intimately aware of the vast powers of nature spirits, by whatever names -- and act accordingly along the "ley lines" of our own communities, counties, states, nations. We can become, not "horse-whisperers," but earth-whisperers.

Never mind our leaders.  We, as a species, should ourselves activate the forces that will help us hold the balance between Grail and Sword in a union of opposites, a divine syzygy (or joining), a sacred marriage.  Most of the world's peoples are weary of war and greed.  Why can't our collective will to restore hope and sanity prevail over those short-sighted "leaders" who have for too long held us in thrall?   It is time, gently, wisely, but firmly, to reclaim our planet from the violent, unwise, and greedy.  It is time.


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