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Common Themes, East & West

In a time of growing war anxiety,
a message from Christiane Northrup, M.D.
(internationally recognized authority on women's health)

Myth*ing Links Note
26 February 2003:

A friend sent me this e-mailed text earlier today and it rang so clearly, gently, and wisely that I decided to create a special webpage for it.  The message is timeless. That it should be heard right now is profound "spirit-medicine" for all of us.
Myth*ing Links Update:
7 March 2003, 9:45am
I regret to inform you that this page no longer exists.  On 26 February 2003, the text was e-mailed to me with no indication of its source.  I was so moved that I created a webpage for it within a matter of hours.  I then learned that Dr. Northrup has the same text buried among other writings on her own site (the URL keeps changing so there's little point in my providing you with a link that will only be broken in the near future -- see below for her home page).

I immediately wrote and asked permission to use the text on my own site.  They asked me to remove it.  I asked them to reconsider -- here are the relevant excerpts from my response::

... I appreciate your desire to protect copyright, etc. As a published writer, I too am very careful about it.   However, in this case, an e-mail containing that text was being sent to wide numbers of people with no indication of any Northrup website as its source....  Deena Metzger, another passionate peace-lover, also sends out messages by e-mail, by the way, and actively asks people to put them on their own websites just to get the info out!  She also has them on her own website, but she's fully aware that many of us have websites with an audience unlikely to look at yours, or Deena's.
In times as urgent as these, it seems counter-productive to push copyrights when the price is the exclusion of more visitors from the actual message! ...
I received their decision today, 7 March.  They clearly feel that protecting Dr. Northrup's words is more important than having people read those words.  I find that such an attitude vitiates the sincerity of her message.  I am removing her text.

[Note: if you wish to track down the message, try her home page at:]



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(The Kosovo page includes quoted passages from Simone Weil's masterful work,
The Illiad, or the Poem of Force)


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