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Mind Song:
A Talisman in Dark Times

There is much these days to plunge us into hopelessness --
it is out of a sense of that despair that I wrote this song,
which has now become a steadying anchor and talisman for me.
I sing it to the music of "Greensleeves" (aka the Christmas carol "What Child Is This?"),
but it can be chanted or sung to whatever one wishes.
For those who resonate, please take and sing this as your own.

Star Birth
[Artist unknown]

My mind is tranquil, my mind is calm,
a flowing river of precious balm,
a Yoniverse stretching deep and far,
birthing each wondrous new star.
Thunder perfect, perfect mind,
ever wise and ever kind,
a Yoniverse stretching deep and far,
as pathways wander from star to star.


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Song began arising, forming out of despair, 18 or 19 April 2011;
Holy Saturday, 23 April 2011: finished 5-6am;
a few more changes and  launched 10:30pm.
4 May 2011: revised portions of the song and changed the art.
5 June 2011: made some additions to my opening comments & changed 4th  line in song.