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Egypt: Through the Eyes
of Photographers & Artists
[Unless indicated, all annotations date from 1998 and are still current]

Entrance of the Hypostyle Hall, looking east:  Temple of Amun at Karnak (c. 1524 BCE)
Photographer: Tom Van Eynde
(See Oriental Institute's website directly below)

When I put my face right up to the screen, this narrow slice is one of the best photographs I've ever seen for conveying a sense of the enormous difference in scale between the huge columns and the small human in the distance.  When you're there in person, looking straight ahead, this is what you'd see: it's truly overwhelming.

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This beautiful site, run by the Oriental Institute in Chicago, displays bi-monthly a dozen new photographs from Tom Van Eynde's large "Theban Photographic Project" collection.  The works are in black and white, some slightly tinted to give a timeless look, as if they were photographed more than a century ago (click on the smaller images to enlarge them).  Van Eynde includes an essay on how and why he works as he does.  Access to the entire collection, listed by site (the above is under "Karnak"), is also provided.
This is another site by artist/photographer Richard Deurer (see under Mythology).  The color photography of Egyptian cities and sites is evocative and strong, with good maps and data.  This man seems to live, breathe, and dream Egypt.  He also includes a number of 19th century lithographs by David Roberts -- I've used some of these elsewhere in my pages (see below for a much larger collection of Roberts' work).
This site offers a wealth of splendid 19th century works by Scottish artist, David Roberts (1796-1864).  Some of his works illustrate various sites on my own webpage.  (For a direct link to the sponsoring company, Museum Tours, see under Egypt: General Information, Travel, Etc.)

Giza 1877
Photograph from the University of Chicago's Archives
(see directly below)

This is the University of Chicago Library's early photo archive dating from c.1865 to the 1920's.  Of those I checked, all were albumen or B&W.  Click on "Categories and Images," and scroll down until you find the titles arranged by site (click for enlargements); each photo comes with detailed information about photographer, dates, circumstances, and the like.  It's like peering into a window on the past -- and can arouse a great deal of sadness.  Under Giza (see above), for example, there's an 1877 photo of the pyramids under empty, spacious skies -- no hint of the encroaching industry, pollution, and skyscrapers of today.  (Note: The site also has a handful of photos from Palestine, Turkey, and other non-Egyptian sites.)
For a "Color Tour of Egypt," see the University of Memphis TN site under Art & Artifacts.

For often striking B&W photographs as well as his own paintings of modern-day Egypt, see the Greg Reeder "Muu dancers" site under Religious Beliefs & Practices.

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