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Old Cairo
Taken from a 19th century lithograph by David Roberts
(Note the pyramids just right of center at the skyline)
Courtesy of Museum Tours [see below under Travel]

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    [Link updated 23 January 2003]

This is Tour Egypt's vast, almost overwhelming, yet wonderful homepage.  After the opening logos and official invitations from Egypt's President as well as the Ministry of Tourism, you can click on "Music" and hear a long selection (not the greatest, but fun).  Next to this link is one to "Bulletins" -- here you'll find dozens of bulletins -- especially on new archaeological discoveries, but also on such events as airport improvements, bus service, Arabian Horse Festivals, operas at the Sphinx or in Luxor, sports, and the opening of 11 new National Parks (including several in the Sinai and one at the ancient oracular site at Siwa in the western desert -- until I saw this, I hadn't realized Egypt even had National Parks).
By scrolling down the homepage, you'll find authentic Egyptian recipes (I don't cook so didn't try any); 3 engaging photo safaris: to the Nile, Overland (on p.2 of this one you'll find a photo of the Egyptian vulture, a byform of the goddess Nekhbet), and diving in the Red Sea -- great underwater photos.  There's a chat room; newsletter; links to many other sites; a magazine; touring information; a coloring book for children; and too many more features to name.  There's also a search engine, which is very helpful for such a large site!  What comes through most strongly at this site is Egypt's genuine sense of hospitality and the desire to make a trip to this land (whether virtual or real) as rich and moving as possible.
[Added 23 January 2003]:  This site profiles contemporary Egypt by looking at the land, resources, climate, populations, plants and animals, economy, culture, religion, education, social structures, government, law, health, defense, mining, fishing, agriculture, and much more.  It concludes with a sweeping historical overview from prehistoric times to the Luxor terrorist attack in 1997.
This is Cairo's home page with good information on many aspects of the city, modern as well as ancient.  If you scroll down and click on the "Picture Gallery," and then go down and click on "Monuments & Artifacts," you'll find some excellent color photos (my favorites are of the second pyramid with the sphinx, and of the Giza plateau at sunset).
    [Link updated 23 January 2003]
Emory University devised this one for teachers and children.  For Egypt specifically, go to
for activities on pyramids, people, myth, burials, games, mummies, etc.


Detail of Three Musicians
Original in the Tomb of Nakht
Thebes 1425 BC
Reproduction of ancient mural by Ben Morales-Correa [see below]
     [Link updated 23 January 2003]

[Annotation updated 23 January 2003]:  This is a listing of scholarly books on Egypt (and Nubia) published by the University of Pennsylvania.  The page, unfortunately, can only be reached by clicking on "Search" and then ignoring all the blanks in the forthcoming menu -- just click on the pull-down menu next to "Subject Area" & select "Egypt."  Then hit "Start Search" at the bottom of the form.  You'll finally get the listing of books -- but its URL won't work if you try to use it as a direct route later on! This is a weird way to run a business, if you ask me, but so be it ::sigh::
      [Link updated 23 January 2003]
[Site review updated 7 March 2000 & 23 January 2003]:  Since most of us will never be able to afford the real thing, good replicas of ancient art are an important alternative.  This site produces ancient Egyptian painting replicas by Ben Morales-Correa.  (The work looks great -- unfortunately, you can't click on a small photo and see a full enlargement -- you can only click on one section of the photo at a time and get piecemeal enlargements, which, at least on my old browser, makes it impossible to get any sense of the whole piece.  On the other hand, the smaller closeups *are* lovely <smile>.)


Cairo Marketplace
(Artist & source unknown)
The title of this site tells it all: "Remarkable and bizarre notes about Egypt by early travellers."  The dates range from the 17th century to the early years of the 20th.  The comments offer a strange window on a lost world.
This is the Home page for Museum Tours (see my Egypt through the Eyes of Photographers and Artists for their David Roberts gallery), an organization offering tours to Egypt and specializing in  museum groups.  Since 1988, Museum Tours has been run by William Petty, Ph.D., a West Point graduate, past president of the Egyptian Study Society, and treasurer of the Amarna Research Foundation (see my Amarna page).
A useful collection of up-to-date travel tips on Egypt shared by travelers from all over the world.  Many are moving as well as informative.
(from here you can get to the opening AFRICA page)
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