Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

The night of March 22-23, 1998 (right after spring equinox),  after spending a long evening e-mailing pre-dissertation 3rd year Myth students the URLs ("Uniform Resource Locators") of sites relevant to their doctoral research, I was awakened out of an exhausted sleep by the emergence of a single phrase: mythinglinks.org.  I don't really like puns, but this one was too good to ignore.
I knew immediately what it meant -- that I could save myself all the trouble of repetitive e-mailing to my students if I simply created a website full of links to which I could refer them.  That's how it began.....
Of course, in truth, it would have taken far less time simply to have gone on e-mailing URL's!   Nevertheless, I began the site...and have greatly enjoyed the process.

I could have simply created a long list of links on a neutral background -- something plain and functional.  Many such lists already exist, however, and although I gratefully bookmark them for the day when I might have a need for that particular area of research, I wanted to create something different.  I wanted mythinglinks.org to have, in its own right, and in addition to its scholarly standards, a deeper aesthetic dimension, to give some glimpse, no matter how faint, of the magic and wonder of the myths, sacred dimensions, and what the Celts call the "thin places" all around us.  I wanted to create a site that would lure the unwary into areas they might never otherwise feel inclined to explore.

To the degree that I have succeeded, I hope that those who visit the site will enjoy the results.  To the degree that I have failed, I welcome your suggestions for improvement.


If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at jenks7@webcom.com


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which means giving credit to the collection is unnecessary;
I'd still like to give it credit but unfortunately never saved its name.)

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