When Oracles Speak
By Dianne Skafte, Ph.D.
(Quest Books, 2000)
Portal To Oracular Space
When I was fifteen, an old woman offered to "read the cards" for me. Her invitation scared me a little. But Mrs. Cavallero seemed like a kindly soul, so I shrugged a half-hearted "yes" and sank into her gold armchair.  She lifted out a deck of playing cards from a beautiful enameled box and said a little prayer.
The moment my hand closed around those cards, something strange happened. A feeling of presence and portent filled the room. I could smell the musty Persian carpet beneath my feet, the leather books nearby, the cool night fog. I felt connected to an intelligence much larger than myself. Every detail of thought seemed exquisitely perfect, and my own life took on a new, precious value. I didn't know it at the time, but my psyche had stepped into "oracular space."
Oracular space is a realm where past, present, and future exist in a timeless moment of "now." The true purpose of divination is to help us enter this special mode of consciousness and connect with sources of guidance beyond the personal self. Tarot, rune stones, I Ching, Ifa, and other divinatory arts are not concerned primarily with telling the future.  They serve as portals to expanded ways of knowing. Our English word, "divination," derives from the Latin DIVI, "deity." From ancient times, people have used these practices to align their lives more closely with sacred intention.
My first oracular experience initiated me into a profound mystery. I learned to read cards from Mrs. Cavallero, and this art has continued to guide, illuminate, and encourage me for many decades. Those of us who form a relationship with divination understand why it has been cherished in every culture throughout human history....

by Dianne Skafte, Ph.D.
(Quest Books, October 2000, chapter 7)

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