An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies,
Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions
By Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Academic and Non-Academic Activities
of Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

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As of Fall Semester 2011:continuing as adjunct faculty at Lake Michigan College;
now also adjunct faculty teaching Life Journey at Grand Valley State University.
I'm looking forward to a splendid autumn!

As of 10 September 2010:adjunct faculty member at Lake Michigan College.
For relevant news stories & other info for my LMC students, see:
World Religions / Intro to Religious Thought

I am a scholar-advisor to the Black Earth Institute, a progressive think-tank dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation in India.

As of Spring 2006: Ordinarius (aka "advisor") for M.A. and Ph.D. students at the Graduate Theological Foundation in South Bend, Indiana, affliated with Oxford University in England.

As of 1 June 2003: retired core faculty member after 9 years
Mythological Studies Department / Pacifica Graduate Institute
(Home of OPUS, housing the libraries/archives of Joseph Campbell,
Marija Gimbutas & others)
249 Lambert Road // Carpinteria, CA 93013.

subbing/grubbing blog:[6 December 2008: unfortunately, I haven't had time to maintain this blog as I'd hoped.  I'll announce updates here if/when they occur.]

Personal updates since I left California in April 2003

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 Available as a Researcher
. I love doing research for Myth*ing Links and books I'm working on -- but also projects for others, whether books, articles, scripts, or other ventures that could use my skills.  Please contact me for rates at:  jenks7ATfrontierDOTcom
Non-Academic Activities:
I am available by telephone for pastlife therapy sessions, something I love and have been doing for nearly 4 decades, both pre- and post-, as well as during my academic career.......
.Explore Your Karmic Roots..

With memory, with the reflection of an echo,
a gate opens both ways.  We can circle time....
                                                - Michael Ondaatje: Divisadero

Ondaatje's insight is a perfect description of pastlife work, since a gate does indeed open both ways as we circle time and heal what has gone before.

If you're interested,  please email me: jenks7ATfrontierDOTcom

..Interspecies Past Lives

In Genesis, Noah was directed to rescue all species against a time of growing danger. We are again in such a time.  I am suggesting that each of us is already a Noah's Ark filled with countless, unsuspected, interspecies lifetimes.  This means we can be far more than sorrowing observers of animal exploitation and extinction.  We can reconnect with our own secret wisdom, our own animal cunning, and join together to protect all species....

Click on Ark image for more info on $95 mini-sessions as well as for links to reports from my volunteer subjects on their own earlier animal lives.
Also available by telephone for Green World Oracle Readings
Green World Oracle: $95.00 Oracular Readings
Good news! -- we have a publisher!
Book & cards will be released autumn 2012.
19 May 2011: In doing pastlife therapy work, a client goes into a light trance and I guide that client through the significant details of an earlier lifetime.  All pastlife data originates from my client, not from me.

The reverse is true with an oracle reading.  My client provides only the question.  I then access the oracle and glean an answer from my own text.In a telephone discussion, which runs an hour or more,  I share relevant passages from my text.  As I read those portions aloud, my client and I discuss how that data answers -- or sheds light upon -- the client's question.  Afterwards, I email the full text and artwork to my client in case other aspects catalyze further insights.  It is a fully conscious, to-and-fro, process for both of us.

For a sample: 9pm, 1 January 2011, see:
A New Year's 2011 "Reading for the Earth"

Also available by telephone for Interpretive Dream Work
See Testimonial .from mythologist and minister,  Rebecca Armstrong

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