Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
[The human being] was becoming something the world had never seen before -- a dream animal -- living at least partially within a secret universe of his own creation and sharing that secret universe in his head with other, similar heads...
                                                                                         - Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey

Jean-Leon Huens did the cover illustration (greened for this webpage)
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A Guide for the Paths of Dream

At a time when the real world hovers close to a nightmare reality for so many, dreams are still left to guide and sustain us through the daily journey of life. After nearly fifty years of exploring my own dream-process as well as helping friends and students with theirs, I have decided to offer my experience on a wider basis.

In dreams, you wander into a place that seems familiar, yet looks like nowhere you have ever been. You are surrounded by people you seem to know, yet you have no idea who they are when you awake. Elements of the day's troubles insinuate themselves into your actions as you move through this nightly odyssey of sleep, yet they seem to have another, deeper significance than they did only hours before -- and you sense that if you could just unravel their meanings, you would have guidance to help you through the ever more challenging events you face in the everyday world.

.Perhaps you've hoped for just that -- to find a way through the maze of daily dilemmas by turning to the wisdom of dreams. Yet you find yourself unable to understand or intuit the meaning of the signs that emerge in your dreams. They seem opaque, garbled, confusing.
If you seek help in understanding the deeper messages, I can work with you. The Paths of Dream, while normally a very private inner process, can be a strange and bewildering place. While the insights you seek may be right there, awaiting your recognition, sometimes it takes the assistance of a coach, someone intimately familiar with the dream process, to help you uncover the wisdom offered by your nightly journeys into dream.

I began exploring my own dreams the summer of 1963. I was immersed in C. G. Jung's work at the time, which gave me valuable insights into decoding my dreams. I had neither the money nor the desire to entrust my inner process to a professional. I felt that I needed delicate fingers to unravel the dream webs, the psychological densities. How could a stranger understand these? So I trusted myself instead.

I wrote a non-fiction book about that process, Journey of a Dream Animal, with an introduction by my friend, Dr. Jean Houston. Jean suggested that I show the manuscript to Rollo May. After reading it, he commented that I was very good for myself -- there were times, he said, when he got worried because I teetered very close to the edge but I always, always caught myself in time. I was deeply touched by those words and thought of them often during the many dark times lying ahead.

(Note: the hardcover and paperback editions of the book have long been out of print but are still available, sometimes for only pennies, on amazon.com -- this amazon link also has a good review.)
Despite my own private journey, I am aware that others might find such an isolated venture less successful. I am a Capricorn, a sea-goat, at home in windswept heights and salty depths -- sea-goats tend to be solitary types, which is one reason why a solitary process was the right choice for me. Yet I knew that others, who might not be quite so introspective, could benefit if I shared with them what I had learned. Thus, for decades, I have been helping friends and students make sense of their dreams. I have usually done this privately, quietly, listening carefully, then using delicate fingers to unravel those tangled dream webs, just as I continue to do for myself.

Those I have helped have been small in number because the work takes time and effort. Now, however, retirement from graduate school teaching has offered me the opportunity to provide such guidance on a broader basis and to offer my services to others. If you have wished for help in understanding your dreams, you can call upon me as a dream consultant/coach/listener/guide/counselor.

You will find that exploring Eiseley's "secret universe" of dreams expands and nourishes your entire life. Sometimes my role will be simply to jumpstart the process for you. Other times I might be needed for a longer period of time. But if such work intrigues you -- whether extended dreamwork or exploring a specific dream -- to schedule a telephone consultation, put DREAM in the subject line, tell me something about yourself and the preferred times/days when you would be available for a session, and email me at jenks7[at]acd[dot]net.

[Note: please do not send any actual dreams to me -- I cannot give a one-size-fits-all interpretation. I need to know the context -- i.e., what's going on in your life -- and also what the various dream-elements mean to you. Together, we will then begin to unravel the mystery. This process is best suited to a telephone consultation. Doing it through back-and-forth emails would be enormously frustrating and time-consuming for us both.]
...My rate for a telephone consultation is a sliding scale ranging from $30-50/hour -- or pay what you can afford, no questions asked. I will look forward to working with you and sharing this profound journey.


Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
20 February 2009

20 June 2009 -- note: if you are interested but undecided, here is a Testimonial from Dr. Rebecca Armstrong.

The book's hardcover edition, with cover art by Carol Wald,
was published by Julian Press, 1975.

. In the late '70s and '80s, these are places where I taught courses and workshops on
"Dream Interpretation for Writers & Other Artists" (and at some level we're all artists):
Oxnard Community College, Oxnard, CA: Community Services
Ventura Community College, Ventura, CA: Community Services
World University, Ojai CA
California Youth Authority, Camarillo, CA

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