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26 May 2002, Sunday evening:

In 1979 James Hillman edited and amplified a collection of Carl Jung's papers under the title, Puer Papers (for those whose Latin is rusty, puer means "little boy"; puella is the corresponding term for a "little girl").  The book focused favorably on the theme of eternal, boyish, delightful, heroic males.  Because of the worldwide glorification of youth, too often our political, military, religious, and corporate leaders never mature beyond this narcissistic puer stage -- they only turn into wrinkled puers, which is an increasingly serious problem for the rest of us.

In contrast to Hillman's Puer Papers, I began Crone Papers after September 11th 2001, beginning with my views on the Mideast.  It was my intention to write a series of essays of varying lengths from the perspective and values of a crone, not a puer.  Unfortunately, time pressures have prevented my writing further Crone Papers.

Recently, however, many readers have suggested that I gather my other "crone-ish" essays from elsewhere on my large website and add them to this section.  I have decided to do this.  The essays in this new crone-ish collection will continue to be found in their original contexts but also in this new section (with links to their original pages).  The advantage is that all will now be in one easily accessible place and in a more convenient and faster loading format.


Animals, Ethics & Jungian Therapist, Marie-Louise von Franz

Animals: Mad Cow Disease: Ancient Thebes, Modern Cities [forthcoming]

Animals: Mad Cow Disease and Holy Saturday

Artists & Muses: The Creative Impulse

Christmas Eve 1998: Gentle Greetings...[Note: this was Myth*ing Links' first seasonal page -- a pre-holiday whimsy that unexpectedly heralded a new and deeper direction focused on earth-based seasonal celebrations.]

Christmas Eve 2001: No Special Baby

Holding the Standing Wave of  Humanity's Hope

Indigenous Peoples and the West: Two Bachelors and a Ghost [forthcoming]

Madonna of the Myrrh

Mid East Notes: 18 September 2001

Millennial Threshold of 2000:  Looking back at 1900

Millennial Weather 2000

Presence Lamp (from Solstice/Christmas 2007)

Promethus & Me: the Mythic, Artistic Life in which We All Share

Ramadhan and Qur'anic Revelations: the Presence of the Feminine

Wars: Kosovo, Toxic Stories, Simone Weil, & Squirrels

Wars, Weapons, and Lies: The Dehumanizing Impulse

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