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Common Themes, East & West:

Asia & Australia
An experimental, on-going ritual in cyberspace

Basically, weather-working simply brings things into harmony, including the weather-workers.  If, after reading the Introduction, you still feel inclined to do this, take a moment and direct your energies towards balance and harmony as you look at whatever map(s) attract you.  Be careful not to get too intense nor to persist to the point of fatigue or discouragement.  Focus quietly on the maps, visualizing desired weather-systems -- but do not rashly demand such weather.  Instead, release your energies to be used for the highest good of earth and all life forms.  Use incense, if you wish, or candles, chant, dance -- whatever you feel moved to do on a given day.

I won't be updating the maps on these pages -- not only because of time constraints but also became I like the idea of using the original ones as a baseline of what the weather was like on the days when I began.  I'm including links directly below each map, however, where you can go for current updates.  You could also download my pages and create your own private "sacred space" wherein you can make frequent downloads of satellite maps for whatever regions you're trying to help.   Just please avoid my own mistakes and don't ever get too drained or discouraged!  Keep it light and humble.

This ritual in cyberspace is only an experiment.  Don't expect global changes -- that would be unrealistic.  But if enough of us can "tweek" a little here, a little there, and if the Weather-spirits, seeing our desire for greater balance and harmony, are pleased, then we can still accomplish much, albeit in ways we may never fully understand.

May we come into a more caring balance with earth,
seeking not to keep trying to control her vast energies,
but to live in deeper harmony with her natural cycles

Central Asia
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East Asia
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Weather-Working Pages:


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Scientific Weather Links (Radar maps, humidity, satellites, etc.)

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