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Common Themes, East & West:

(June 2000: these only cover portions of the USA
because that was my focus when this was a private page;
if you follow the links' menus, however, you'll find worldwide weather data)

Shows a radar map of storms & hot cells throughout the USA.
Shows a map of winds throughout the USA.
Shows a map of humidity throughout the USA.
[Added 8 August 2000]: This site focuses on drought in the USA -- it offers maps, scientific data, and tons of links to all aspects of the issue:
The National Drought Mitigation Center helps people and institutions develop and implement measures to reduce societal vulnerability to drought. The NDMC, based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, stresses preparation and risk management rather than crisis management....
[Added 8 August 2000]: From the above site comes this excellent page focused exclusively on international droughts and other weather disasters.  There are many links here for specialized information, global maps (including hurricanes, and USA forest fire regions) -- there's even a moving and sincere "Prayer Needs " page from St. Joseph's House of Prayer in Australia.
"Nebraska from Space" map, updated all the time.
Nebraska statewide forecast & a discussion of likelihoods: click on both categories.
Shows a map of storms & hot cells in the Midwest region specifically.
From meteorologist, Dr. Keith C. Heidorn, come this site on everything else you might want to know about the weather.  Heidorn is literate, thorough, precise, passionate, and always a good read.

Tornado Dancing
© By Wisconsin artist, Francene Hart
[Used with her permission --
see more of her work featured on my Weather-working Introduction page]

Weather-Working Pages:


Weather-Working Cyber Ritual for the Western Hemisphere

Weather-Working Cyber Ritual for Europe, Mid East, & Africa

Weather-Working Cyber Ritual for Asia & Australia
Scientific Weather Links (radar maps, humidity, satellites, etc.)

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